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    • * IMMEDIATE PAYMENT – We pay for your goods the same day you ship them.

    • * NO RETURNS – If we have returned products we do not return them to you, we are re-selling them at a discounted price or dispose them off.

    • * MINIMUM COMMISSION – More then 60% of the profit is invested back in your brand as advertise, product labelling and packing, free EXPEDITED shipping, free returns, fast world class customer service.

    • * 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE – We have a non stop online assistance for customers inquiring about your products or orders of your products.

    • * CONTROL – You are in control of every aspect of your brand’s retail strategy. You choose the channels where you want to sell and the MAP price. You can retire or add at any time your products on any marketplace.

  • * PROTECTION – We protect your brand online. We report any not authorized or under MAP price sellers and if we are grated the authority we block their listings of your product.

Interested in having your products distributed by our company? Please fill in our submission form below and we will contact you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.