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CD Moisturizing Foam Bath...
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CD Moisturizing Foam Bath Avocado Oil 500 ml |...

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- CD Moisturizing Foam Bath contains Avocado oil that supports the skin's natural moisture and allows the skin to breathe

- It is pH neutral and its mild cleansing and moisturizing ingredients soften and regenerate the skin during bathing, and help revitalize both body and spirit

- Ideal for sensitive skin

- Made in Germany

Penaten Baby Good Night...
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Penaten Baby Good Night Bubble Bath 400 ml 13.5 oz

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- Gently cleanses and relaxes babies while bathing
- As mild as pure water to the eyes
- Skin compatibility dermatologically approved
- Helps babies sleep better *

- With NaturalCalm aroma
* Clinically proven: An insomnia ritual with Penaten helps your baby sleep better

Herbacin Mountain Pine...
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Herbacin Mountain Pine Wellness Bath 1 Liter...

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Availability: 43 In Stock

- World-famous care formula
- For all skin types
- Relieves body aches and when feeling cold
- Refreshes and invigorates
- With valuable conifer oils
- According to the findings of aromatherapy

Hipp Baby Soft Family Bath...
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Hipp Baby Soft Family Bath 1000 ml 33.8 fl oz

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Regular price $18.76 Price $16.88 -10%
Availability: 9 In Stock

- With natural organic almond extract
- Particularly mild
- Supports the skin's natural protective acid mantle
- Cares for delicate and sensitive skin while bathing
- Colors the bath water beautifully blue

Hipp Baby Soft Shower Cream...
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Hipp Baby Soft Shower Cream 200 ml 6.8 fl oz

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Regular price $9.24 Price $8.32 -10%
Availability: 6 In Stock

- Natural organic almond oil protects the skin from dryness and irritation. Mild ingredients ensure gentle cleansing of the skin and hair
- Does not contain paraffin oil, therefore minimizes the risk of allergies. Light odor, no allergenic fragrances, no colorants; paraben-free; silicone-free; does not contain raw materials of animal origin
- All our care is for sensitive skin