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Fragonard Jasmin Perle de...
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Fragonard Jasmin Perle de The (Jasmine Pearl...

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- Jasmin Perle de The offers sanctuary in an Andalusian garden, where we relax and enjoy the jasmine blossoms
- Comes with a lovely round glass soap dish in a matching design this round sculpted soap is perfumed with jasmine and tea pearl
- Does not dry the Skin
- Made in France
- Ideal for: Women

Fragonard Heliotrope Ginger...
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Fragonard Heliotrope Ginger Dish and Perfumed...

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- Contains a Heliotrope Ginger perfumed soap and a soap dish
- Enjoy this Heliotrope Ginger perfumed soap 5.3 oz with this beautifully designed soap dish
- Perfect for any kitchen or bathroom
- Get it as a gift or for yourself

Maitre Savonitto Solid Dish...
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Maitre Savonitto Solid Dish Soap with Wooden...

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- This sustainable soap is made with a traditional Marseille soap recipe plus added baking soda for superior cleaning

- Packaged in a charming, reusable poplar wood box, this eco-friendly dish soap features a lovely fresh scent

- Made in France