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Glysolid Skin Cream 100 ml...

Glysolid Skin Cream 100 ml 3.38 oz

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- Maximum satisfaction when used in small amounts on a regular basis
- Restores the natural beauty of the skin while softening it
- Made without preservatives or perfumes
- Compatible for all skin types
- Protects, calms and smoothes
- Provides rapid relief to irritated skin, including eczema, psoriasis, and parched skin from chemotherapy and radiation treatment

Atrix Intensive Protection...
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Atrix Intensive Protection Hand Cream 150 ml 5 oz

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- Intensive, long-lasting protection and moisturization for hands

- Helps prevent skin from becoming taut, chapped & rough during cold weather

- Forms a protective layer that smoothes and softens the skin

- With chamomile to soothe & heal