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Acqua Sapone Loofah Terry...
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Acqua Sapone Loofah Terry Slippers for Spa...

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- Stimulate blood circulation, massage feet muscles as you walk
- Exfoliate rough skin on your feet
- Provide relief for tired, sore, aching feet
- Ideal for Unisex

-This product comes in assorted color wholesale batches and we can not guarantee we ship a certain color.

Acqua Sapone Natural Pumice...
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Acqua Sapone Natural Pumice Stone with Wood Handle

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- A rectangle piece of pure pumice attached to a natural wooden handle exfoliates the toughest parts of the body
- Suitable for foot scrub, pedicure foot spa, foot massages or reflexology, and sauna
- To aid in the removal of dried, flaky skin on heels and elbows, soak the affected area to soften skin
- Ideal for: Unisex