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Olivella Original Virgin...
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Olivella Original Virgin Olive Oil Face and...

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Regular price $14.98 Price $13.48 -10%
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- Olivella Original Face and Body Liquid Soap cleanses without leaving an oily residue
- 100% Virgin Olive Oil. Parabens Free. Free of Animal Fats. Gluten-Free. Not Tested on Animals
- Moisturize and Replenish Skin with Nutrients in Virgin Olive Oil
- Great for all skin types, gentle enough for sensitive skin
- Ideal for the whole family
- 100% Virgin Olive Oil

Spuma di Sciampagna Antica...
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Spuma di Sciampagna Antica Classic Liquid Hand...

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Regular price $5.32 Price $4.52 -15%
Availability: 72 In Stock

- Ideal for silky smooth skin with the precious scent of an ancient fragrance, unique and persistent
- A natural formulation
- Suitable for all skin types, from children to adults
- A cascade of delicate fragrant foam
- Dermatologically tested
- Respects the natural pH of the skin
- 100% Italian product

Compagnie de Provence...
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Compagnie de Provence Liquid Marseille Soap...

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Regular price $28.00 Price $22.40 -20%
Availability: 1 In Stock

- Gently cleanses the skin
- Elaborated with vegetable oils
- Suitable for frequent hand washing. Can be used for body wash
- Free of coloring agents and animal fats
- Presented in a glass pump bottle with a sleek and colorful design