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 Key benefits and features:

Heat Protection: The handle is made from robust plastic to shield against the high temperatures of the wax cartridge, making it comfortable to hold even when the wax is freshly heated.

Enhanced Grip: The handle includes slight elevations on the cartridge sleeve to provide a more secure grip, which is beneficial, especially for those with sensitive hands.

Convenient Design: One narrow side of the cartridge remains free with the handle attached, allowing for easy attachment and removal of the cover. This design also enables quick checks of the wax level and consistency without removing the handle.

Durability and Reusability: The handle is durable, reusable, and designed for easy cleaning, which ensures longevity and hygiene.

Compatibility with cartridges: 

Height: 13.5 cm / 5.31 inch

Length: 5.5 cm /2.16 inch

Width: 2.25 cm / 0.88 inch

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