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The mild hair soap from Haslinger cares for stressed hair with vitamin-rich sheep's milk, oils, lanolin, and wheat proteins. In addition, the hair soap gives the hair moisture, suppleness, and shine. The hair soap can also be used for showering, which makes the product the ideal travel companion - because with this practical two-in-one product you not only save space in your suitcase or backpack, but you also have the perfect flight companion for hand luggage due to its solid shape. Really practical

Since ancient times people have used the mild milk of sheep for soft and beautiful hair. Lanolin, also known as wool wax, is obtained from sheep's wool and has very good skin care properties and can regulate the skin's water balance. Lanolin reduces static electricity and thereby avoids flyaway hair, making the hair easier to comb, supple, soft, and shiny. The oils contained nourish the hair and provide additional moisture. In addition, the wheat proteins strengthen and smooth the hair and ensure suppleness and shine.

If you normally use a vinegar rinse or a conditioner after washing your hair, you can confidently do without the Haslinger hair soap. Because the mild hair soap prevents drying out, provides additional moisture, and makes the hair easier to comb.

Directions: Apply on wet hair and body skin. Then rinse.

Suitable for all hair types.

Simply lather the solid hair soap with water in your hands and massage it into wet hair.

Rinse out the soap scum with clear water as

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