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Pasta del Capitano Toohpaste Ace 75ml. Pasta del Capitano ACE toothpaste is paraben-free and gives total protection thanks to the A-C-E vitamin complex. Its aromas are menthol, spearmint, and peppermint.

Pasta del Capitano Premium Toothpaste is a total action toothpaste strengthened by the A-C-E vitamin complex.

It is a comprehensive formula carrying on a 360° action on teeth and gums that contains a variety of active principles with proven effectiveness. They include: Triclosan with an antiplaque function; two Fluorine Salts that fight cavities and remineralize the enamel of teeth making them better suited to resist the attack of bacteria; Pyrophosphates with a "preventive" anti-tartar action hindering the tartar aggregation; Asiatic Pennywort, ideal to prevent gingival troubles and, combined with the blue microsphere of the Jojoba oil, has a gum soothing function.

The vitamin A-C-E complex:

vitamin A protects the cells and helps maintain the gingival mucous membrane healthy;

vitamin C protects the gingival tissue and it is indispensable for the production of the gingival collagen, helping to improve the firmness of the teeth;

vitamin E helps prevent the aging of teeth and gums, defending them from the attack of free radicals.

Directions: Open the tube and apply the amount to the toothbrush. Then brush your teeth and rinse with water.

Made in Italy.


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