Zinc Oxide Advanced Formula for Sensitive Skin
- Extra creamy and smooth.
- Special formula against bruises and rushes
- Ideal for removing short and thick hairs
- High Titanium Dioxide Content
- Hypoallergenic, No Colors, No Fragrance
- Enriched with Coconut Oil
Cartridge measurements:
Height: 13.5 cm / 5.31 inch
Length: 5.5 cm /2.16 inch
Width: 2.25 cm / 0.88 inch

Description: Waxness Zinc Oxide has a zinc oxide formula , giving wax special properties against bruises and rushes.
This type of wax is known for effectiveness in removing thicker and shorter hairs.
While hardening, the wax forms a thin film that fixes all the hairs and ensures rigid adherence with waxing strip.L 100% hair removal on the first try, no breaking hair.
Indications:To be applied with a spatula and removed with waxing strips.
Heat the wax in the heater to +42 degrees C/107 degrees F.
Stir the wax, ready-to-use wax must not be liquid but to honey consistency.
-Keep the heater close to the treatment bed to avoid dripping.
You can apply the strip on the same place 2 times maximum.
1. Place in a heater over low heat. Max Temp 42" C / 107.6 F.
2. Allow wax to melt completely to honey consistency , and stir for even consistency. Test the wax temperature on a small area before applying.
3. Clean the area to be treated. 4. Prep the skin with powder or hydrophilic oil if necessary.
5. Apply wax in a thin layer on the skin keeping the cartridge with the roller down and moving it on the skin in the hair growth direction. approx. the size of the strip.
6. Place a waxing strip on wax-covered area and rub firmly as you tug strip in the direction of hair growth.
7. While skin is held taut, remove the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth, close and parallel to the skin.
8. Apply an antiseptic soothing oil or lotion when treatment completed.
Please read Instructions in full before proceeding with the treatment. Failure to follow instructions and warnings may result in severe skin irritation, other injuries.
-Prior to using, test a small area to be waxed and wait 24 hours. If no irritation occurs, you may proceed to use.
-Do not apply wax on mucous tissues, blemishes, moles, warts, varicose veins, sunburns or any inflamed areas.
-Do not wax if you use creams with tretinoin, chemical peels or have had plastic surgery, without doctor's release.
-Do not use if you suffer from any medical condition that may affect or compromise the skin. Consult a doctor before using if you suffer from any skin related disorders, circulatory problems or diabetes.
-Do not use on nipples, perianal, vaginal or genital areas. Do not use to remove hair inside the nostrils, ears, eyelids or eyelashes. -Do not use on areas that have bssn shaved, waxed, tweezed or treated with hair removal creams within a 24 hour period.
-Avoid HOT baths, tanning beds, direct sun exposure, swimming, saunas or other activities that may cause skin irritation.
IMPORTANT NOTE: For Beautician Use !! Please read carefully all the instructions on the product label before use.
Ingredients: Glyceryl Rosinate, Paraffin, Microcrystalline Wax, Beeswax, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide
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