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Best suitable for dry and sensitive skin types, and all hair lengths and textures, great for short coarse hair. Leaves skin smooth without residual wax on skin. Applied very thin and removed with non-woven strip, it can be used on all larger areas of the body.
Glycerol Rosinate, Mineral Oil, Microcrystalline, Titanium Dioxide, Mica.

Usage Tips:
4 Steps of Preparation for Applying ALL Cirepil Waxes:
1. Always test the temperature of wax on the inside of your wrist. Wax should be close to body temperature for maximum client comfort.
2. Prepare the area to be waxed with Blue Lotion Cleanser while examining the direction of the hair growth.
3. Protect the skin by massaging a very small amount of Pre-dep oil into the area to be waxed (one drop for the face and a few drops for larger areas).
4. Blot with tissue to remove excess oil.

Strip Wax Application
For wax used with strips we recommend the following:
1. Using a wooden disposable spatula, scoop a small amount of wax, scrape/smooth the underside of the spatula against tin to lessen dripping, turn spatula several rotations to disconnect from the tin of wax and lessen dripping.
2. Deposit the entire amount of wax onto skin. Place the edge of the spatula at a 90° angle away from you, glide the spatula on an angle toward you in the direction of the hair growth. This method will ensure a thin, even application.
3. Using a non-woven strip and a light pressure, smooth the strip several times. While remaining parallel and close to the skin, remove strip quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. To ensure client comfort, apply pressure to area waxed.
4. To complete the service, apply Perron Rigot After Wax Gel, Moisturizing Lotion and/or Natural Moisturizing Oil for a cooling, soothing, and hydrating finish.


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