A calming and healing post peeling cream can also be used to treat minor cuts, burns, and other superficial skin abrasions.
Fragrance free, hydrocortisone 1% anti-itch cream with whole leaf Aloe Vera
Excellent for temporary relief of itching associated with minor skin irritation
Key Ingredients:
Whole Aloe Vera is an anti-inflammatory agent and has virucidal and fungicidal properties (viruses and fungi.)
Hydrocortisone is a steroid, which helps the temporary relief of itching, associated with irritation, inflammation and rashes due to eczema or skin peels.
Use when redness or irritation occurs. Follow with an appropriate moisturizer.
Usage Tips:
Allow product to absorb before applying a moisturizer and/or a sun block.

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This stuff is a lifesaver after having a chemical peel. It helps take the itchy away.

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