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Pasta del Capitano 1905 Toothpaste Sensitive 75ml. The Sensitive Pasta del Capitano 1905 toothpaste is the ideal choice for those who love to go a step further in oral hygiene. Specially designed for sensitive teeth.

This toothpaste cleans and protects your teeth and gums, ensuring fresh breath between meals. It protects against dental demineralization, the main cause of tooth sensitivity, thanks to the active ingredient Kavident, while Potassium Nitrate provides quick and effective relief.

El Capitano toothpaste completely absorbs impurities and food particles accumulated, causing a bad mouth odor. You will get a pleasant breath and a bright smile.

The product comes in a 75 ml plastic tube decorated with the brand's original design that will bring a vintage style to your every day.

Directions: Open the tube and apply the amount to the toothbrush. Then brush your teeth and rinse with water. 

Made in Italy


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