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Pasta del Capitano Premium Toothpaste Whitening is an innovative toothpaste having a whitening effect, which guarantees quality, effectiveness, and appreciable results.

The exclusive Ox Active formula is based on an absolute innovation: the Eureco® H.C. molecule, which received an E.N.E.A award, which releases active oxygen with an antibacterial and antiplaque function, supported by a delicate action that brightens the natural white of teeth.

Thanks to active oxygen, the use of this innovative toothpaste guarantees from the very beginning a 99 percent lowering of the bacterial plaque with effectiveness lasting at least 12 hours.

The evident results of its whitening action, which does not damage the tooth enamel, may be appreciated after just four weeks.

The micro granules present in its formula allow an in-depth plaque removal and an accurate cleaning of the teeth and, besides promoting proper oral hygiene, sees also constant preventive action.

Directions: Open the tube and apply the amount to the toothbrush. Then brush your teeth and rinse with water.

Made in Italy


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