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Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm...
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Labello Soft Rose Lip Balm 4.8 g / 0.17 oz

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– Formulated with natural oils

– Provides long-lasting hydration and care

– Regular use leaves lips soft and shiny

– Pale pink shine enhances the natural rosy color of the lips

– Dermatologically proven skin-friendly

Epifit Hand and Foot...
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Epifit Hand and Foot Glycolic Shea Butter Rich...

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- Two-in-one, exfoliant, and moisturizer
- Helps diminish existing calluses
- May also be used for dry elbows and knees
- Helps repair rough dry skin

- Made in the USA

Karina Clarifying Lotion 2oz

Karina Clarifying Lotion 2oz

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Clarifying Lotion is a great preparation for corrective treatments, both at home and for professional use.

A blend of AHA & Botanical anti-bacterial extracts, formulated to gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

Olivella Body Lotion 16.9...
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Olivella Body Lotion 16.9 oz (500 ml )

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- Light in texture, you will find our Olivella Body Lotion a great addition to your skin protection throughout the year, but especially in warm seasons
- This bottle has a new shape, and the formula has added natural ingredients, all while still providing the all-natural goodness you have come to expect from our Body Lotion

- The texture is lighter and the formula now includes Melissa Officinalis leaf oil which is amazing for its calming and soothing effects on your skin