Top Formula wax raw material is synthetic resin.
Top Formula synthetic waxes never cause allergy andirritation on delicate, sensitive skin.
Top formula wax tend to be more adhesive
and remove all the hairs from the first try.
The wax has lower melting temperature +37/+39 degrees C (98-100F)

For delicate areas waxing (face, bikini, armpits)
Premium-class wax does not contain natural pine resin.
Never causes allergy. Wax is very elastic, does not break, does not create the threads.
Is applied with a wooden spatula regardless the hair growth, removed without use of the strips.

Coral: Creamy colorful waxis easy to apply, never burnsor traumatize the delicate skin.
It is ideal for face waxing,does not leave rednesseven on a very sensitive andfair skin
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Data sheet

Application area
Bikini Area
Skin type
Sensitive Skin
rating 10
this wax is amazing ! it doesn't break or dry to fast its perfects its very creamy and not stringy

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