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Since the late 1800 s, when Signore Manetti and a Mr. Roberts of England joined to create skincare in their Florence Farmacia, Borotalco has been a tradition in the homes of Italy ever since. Borotalco powder is such a superior powder. It is one of Italy s top-selling personal care products. It has a silky feel and a fine delicate fragrance that will keep you fresh all day. Enhance your sleeping experience with a dusting of Borotalco on the bedsheets.
Borotalco, the historic brand, was introduced in 1904 and has become synonymous with talcum powder.
Borotalco Roberts in its green-colored label since 1843. We just can't forget the fresh and clean scent of Borotalco! Soften your body, your baby, bed linens, and towels with this clean, pure body powder and a complete line of toiletries for the body.
For Men & Women, Made in Italy.