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Our skin serves as a protection, temperature regulation, as a versatile sensor for the environment. Your integrity is therefore extremely important. Therefore many Bubchen products contain active skin protection: a combination of natural ingredients that are proven to help to strengthen the body's natural skin barrier and protect a baby's skin from harmful environmental influences.
Produce skincare products that are of the highest quality and are accurately aligned to the needs of sensitive skin - it looks Bubchen is its responsibility. Thorough research, careful consideration, and decades of experience contribute to Bubchen products that are classified by experts and recommended as particularly friendly to the skin.
The special product for pregnancy and involution, for babies from the first day of life, for families and kids round out the selection and make sure that everyone can find their ideal in Buebchen care products. However, one thing is common to all products Bubchen: The active ingredients from nature.

Bubchen Baby Cream Bath 400...
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Bubchen Baby Cream Bath 400 ml 13.5 fl oz

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- Mild, creamy formula with rosemary and wheat protein
- Gently cleans and cares for skin during bathing
- Contains no mineral oils or preservatives
- Dermatologist tested and doctor recommended
- Ideal for baby's sensitive skin

Bubchen Calendula Skin Care...
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Bubchen Calendula Skin Care Oil 200 ml 6.8 fl oz

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The oil contains pure vegetable oils and soothes and gently cares for dry skin, so it is ideal for cleansing the skin in the diaper area, as well as for relaxing massage for babies and adults.

Bubchen Calendula Wash...
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Bubchen Calendula Wash Lotion and Shampoo 230...

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Bubchen Calendula only uses certified organic calendula from controlled cultivation.

Contains panthenol and glycerin.

Does not contain mineral oil.

No fragrances that can cause allergies.

Bubchen Baby Shampoo 400 ml...
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Bubchen Baby Shampoo 400 ml 13.5 fl oz

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- The mild Bubchen children's shampoo gently cleanses the hair and prevents the scalp from drying out

- The hair is easy to comb

- Also ideal for adults with sensitive scalp

Bubchen Sensitive Wet Wipes...
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Bubchen Sensitive Wet Wipes 4x52 pcs

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- Extremely soft, and gentle on sensitive skin

- Gentle cleansing from head to toe

- Does not irritate the eyes, with aloe and natural chamomile extracts

Bubchen Shampoo and Shower...
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Bubchen Shampoo and Shower Gel Soft Darlings...

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- Skin compatibility dermatologically approved
- Also suitable for neurodermatitis sufferers
- Free of allergy-suspect fragrances
- Without paraffin and dyes
- Soap-free & pH-skin-neutral