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With the introduction of a unique deodorant range, Duschdas alum, Duschdas revolutionized the deodorant market. Even in ancient Egypt, a mineral of volcanic origin, for its antibacterial and soothing effect was alum crystal known.
Now is the Duschdas research team has succeeded in developing a deodorant spray, which only includes active alum as a deodorant. The patent-pending formula with natural alum crystal guarantees 24 - Deo protection and is gentle to the skin.
The classic deodorant sprays get a new, even more, effective deodorant formula and a reduzierteres, new jar design - a real advancement for the duschdas deodorants. At the same time, the new variant Soft & Sensual is introduced with Aloe Vera and a gentle - fresh scent.
Also in the area are numerous showers this year, a new high-quality product range: Duschdas body smoother - a nourishing, rich shower cream with natural ingredients. The shower creams pamper the skin with their creamy formula and a comforting scent composition and this offers an intense shower experience. They are available in three variants.
Durchdas has made it his mission to make everyday showering pleasure and personal care consumers again a holistic body care experience. So they are continuing to focus all their energy and care expertise trying to identify current trends and wishes to continue to delight their consumers.