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Schwarzkopf launched Schauma, the first tubed creme shampoo - a revolutionary product innovation that triggered the shampoo mass market in Germany.
Schauma adds further expertise to its portfolio by defining specific hair types and complementary ingredients to best suit each consumer’s hair care needs. In this context, shampoos with natural ingredients, some of which are still today’s classics, are developed: e.g. 7 Herbs Shampoo.
Schauma further broadens its assortment, becoming the family shampoo per excellence. From now on the legendary Schauma Family is printed on the label.
Schauma launches its first line of conditioning rinses with immediate success and its first treatments, 2in1s, foam balls, and the concentrate Schauma Plus in 1992.
Schwarzkopf is taken over by Henkel and Schauma receives a new look. Plus the Schauma experts develop the new Strengthening Vitamin that cares your hair down to the tips.
Now also the smallest consumers have their own Schauma. The new Schauma Kids, an especially mild shampoo for children, is launched and immediately becomes the market leader in the children's shampoo sector.
With the new design and right product solutions for every haircare need, Schauma represents itself in a more modern design. The secret of the new formula is the special Intensive-Care-Vitamin. For 100% strength and 100% shine down to the tips.
The Care Spray gives instant combability without rinsing. It deeply penetrates the hair fibers and seals the hair.
The Dry Shampoo refreshes and cleans the hair without water. For a clean hair feeling in between and a longer-lasting hair styling.
Following the goal of constantly providing consumers with the best and most innovative solutions, Schauma reinvents all the formulas and refreshes the design according to the latest trends. Schauma contains for the first time Intensive Care Proteins.