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Saponification is one of the most important stages of processing toilet soap. The choice of this method determines to a large extent the quality of the soap. Valobra has always adopted and maintained saponification by `boiling to the strength`, the classic method called `Marseillaise,` which was started in the second half of the eighteenth century, precisely in the region of Marseille.
Another important phase of the production of a good soap is the processing of soap noodles. It includes the seasoning phase that lasts at least six months, the drying phase, the embedding of substances such as qualifying super-fatting creams, vitamins, perfumes, and color, the milling phase in rotating cylinders, plodding, and stamping.
Valobra take extreme care to ensure that all these processing steps are carried out to perfection to get the highest quality, featuring mildness on sensitive skins and long-term use, the latter determines one of the most favorable prices/quality ratio.