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Florinda soaps have specialized for more than 25 years in producing handmade vegetable soaps in Italy. They are made by following the ancient manufacturing tradition, and the high quality of the product is guaranteed by the absence of synthetic colors. Every single soap is then cut and ready for the last step: the packaging is the final process is completely handmade. The company also bother about the esthetic aspect of the soaps. Each fragrance has a particular packaging made by specialized illustrators. The same design is then reproduced on ecological paper bleached.
All the steps of the manufacturing process take place in Italy. During the whole process, only natural substances are used, as a further guarantee of a product completely made by following the ancient Italian tradition. Florinda soaps include a wide range of vegetable soaps that satisfies the needs of the whole family; soft flowers for mums, sweets fragrances for babies, spices for sports guys, and strong fragrances for dads. All the soaps are available in different counter display units which gives them high visibility and increases the value of the packaging. You also have the possibility of personalizing the packaging of the soaps with the name of your shops!