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THE BIGGEST ORGAN IN YOUR BODY? Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and also one of the most important. However, it is also one of the few organs directly influenced by environmental factors (such as the sun) and therefore needs direct care and nourishment. Olive oil is one of nature’s best nourishment options for both your skin and hair, so the best way to treat your skin is by using products that contain this natural oil. Olivella skincare line makes use of this natural oil in the products to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs. Incorporating Olivella's skincare products into your daily cleansing and moisturizing regimen will ensure that you have that sought-after healthy glow you’ve been looking for. No more itchiness, dryness, or peeling skin – just soft, radiant, well-nourished skin from top to bottom. THE BENEFITS OF USING OLIVELLA The FDA, along with the help of modern science, has established the various benefits of using olive oil-based products in your hair and skincare regime. Along with a high Vitamin A and E, olive oil provides your skin with all the nutrients it needs. Olivella Skincare products contain no animal fats, and no harsh chemicals or fragrances, so you will not have to worry about any adverse reactions or allergies. The benefits of using Olivella soaps and other skincare products are as follows:

1. Contains anti-aging properties

2. Contains antioxidants (Vitamins and E)

3. Contains Polyphenols, naturally strong anti-oxidants found in pure olive oil

4. Moisturizes the skin

5. Assists in maintaining the skin’s natural humidity and combats the external effects of the environment on the skin

6. Hypoallergenic (naturally pure ingredients prevent allergic reactions)

7. The soothing effect, no itchiness or soreness due to the presence of only natural nutrients and oils

8. No oily residue, a healthy glow without the stickiness “The Natural Mediterranean Diet for the Skin”.

This is what the Olivella skincare line is known as throughout Italy. For centuries, the properties of olive oil in skin and hair care have been preserved in the traditions of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. This natural cleanser, detoxifier, and moisturizer are viewed as the oldest natural skin care product throughout the world, making it the perfect ingredient in the Olivella soap and skincare line.