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Wax Necessities

Wax Necessities is a high-quality yet affordable wax. The special patented rubber ingredient enables it to be up to 30% more economical than regular wax. Its high-quality ingredients are specially formulated to meet the expectations of the most exigent users. Wax Necessities offers it in a diversity of formulations and flavors as the users have different preferences. Their Azulene hard wax beads harden fast and it contains natural Azulene extract. It is recommended to be a bikini and to be an experienced esthetician. The Rose beads are suitable for inexperienced users as it hardens slowly. Their delicate perfumed Plum and White Chocolate beads waxes are buffered with titanium dioxide and are delicate on the skin. They prevent rushes and are suitable for bikini wax (Brazilian). Whether it is a high-quality wax, the recommended selling price is very competitive, allowing professionals to save on a daily bases using it.