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Bioten Elmiplant

Nature is a driving & inspiring force for Bioten. Holding on to this strong bond, Bioten laboratory experts are utilizing the in-depth knowledge for natural ingredients & their properties to create a Bioten cosmetics range.
We constantly search for the best Nature can provide, combining natural extracts to create safe & effective cosmetic products for a wide range of skin needs.
After all, Nature is our passion!
Bioten is driven by its respect for the skin needs of women and its commitment to provide high-quality cosmetic products at affordable prices.
Bioten goal is to provide a wide range of cosmetic products that can cover different skin needs & applications following our passion for quality & respect to our customers.
Skin health is Bioten's pursuit, these formulas are Paraben Free. Moreover, they are dermatologically tested to ensure skin compatibility as well as the declared effects for each one.
Bioten always uses the best natural ingredients and develops the products under certified conditions & controlled, carefully supervised production procedures.